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What’s up Party Rockers, I am Jessica Yates a.k.a. Socialite Jessie J your Social Media PR reporter! I am thirteen years old and am originally from Baltimore, Maryland but I currently live in Norristown, Pennsylvania with my mom, step-dad and siblings (I am one of seven children).

I am currently in the 8th grade, which is my last year of Middle School and trying to exit with a bang!  I get very involved at school whether it be academically or athletically.  I join many clubs/sports, a part of our Student Government, in gifted and talented classes where I’m currently maintaining an A & B grade status, was on the volleyball team, and currently help with the Girls Basketball Season. Anybody at school and who knows me well can say that I truly love to talk! I love to speak to people because I am a VERY friendly and energetic person and I am a team player. Having a voice is one of my many talents that I possess.

Other things that I enjoy doing and am good at is singing, modeling, gymnastics, math, acting, and of course DANCING! Dancing is also seen as a form of exercising which I love doing on a daily basis to help keep my body in shape!   I can truly say that I have a passion for dancing! I love how I can be myself and lose myself thru dancing. I can dance without any music because music is to be felt not just by hearing but thru your heart, mind, body and soul.  The two dance styles I truly enjoy doing the most is Hip-Hop and Ballet even though they are very different. I am also with a Hip-Hop dancing competition team at Motion and Dance that I go to every Tuesday. Acting has also been an important role in my career and I love how I can act out different characters  and be able to tell a story.  I have been around acting for so long and I grew up with my mom and my step-dad and they have both been around the acting and music business for a long time.

“Don’t be a fool and stay in school” is a good motto!  Plan B in my life is to attend Harvard, Yale or Juilliard but I am still young, researching and weighing out my options.  I plan to be an accountant, you know, just for when I become that big “SUPERSTAR” and able to manage my OWN money!

I just love and adore music and dancing!  Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do anything!  You can do anything once you put your mind to it!  Just know that you have wings and they are made to fly!

I will dance anywhere, anytime, any day!

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