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Desiree Reynolds

Hey Party Rockers! Im Desiree Reynolds, 13, and I’m from New Jersey. I began dancing on Party Rockers with my best friend Jenna back in Season 1 and now its season 3. We and have a special feature together called “Bff Frenzy”! You can find us on the Party Rockers Tween Scene website, or our instagram ‘@bestiebloggers’. Here’s a little about myself.

I took hip hop dance lessons last fall/spring at Lets Dance Studio (NJ). I also tried cheerleading, soccer, and gymnastics but nothing will come in between dancing! It just comes naturally to me. Besides dancing, I like to hang out with friends, go to the beach, and I love taking pictures and getting my picture taken. When I was little all I wanted to be was famous, and those wishes are still present, however if that dream isn’t accomplished I hope to become a successful lawyer or an elementary school teacher. I think Party Rockers is a great way for tweens, like me to express themselves through dance and also to show a crazy side of Everyone’s style. So make sure to check me out on Jenna and my’s “BFF Frenzy Bestie Bloggers” reports.

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