Syboll & Sybollnation

SYBOLLNATION began on December 22, 2012, by people sending pictures imitating my signature kissy face and hand logo.​ The hand logo means I love you in sign language. At any rate, within a couple of weeks,  I started getting fan mail and hundreds of emails. So I sat down with some friends, and said “How can we turn this into a cause to help people?” SYBOLLNATION is what we came up with. ​
My life as a kid growing up in Philadelphia consisted of being teased and bullied every day. I had no friends and cried most  nights before I went to  sleep. Once I got to high school, the  bullying increasingly got worse. I was a victim of physical and verbal abuse, and  the teachers were actually involved.
By the age of 19 I moved away and enrolled in  Community College of Philadelphia, where I eventually became President of my class. It was at this time that I “came out” and told people I was gay.  It wasn’t easy back then but I did it. Throughout the years I continued going to the clubs, and was number one club host in Philadelphia. I went down a path I would have rather not gone, but instead of falling deeper I started a drug awareness website in Philadelphia which 80 friends and I took part in. We gained the trust of my community and had 75 businesses to sponsor my name, I received positive media coverage and they even did a Prime Time  special on me.
Then 9/11 happened and everything changed. Most of our sponsors were mom and pop store owners and we could no longer ask them to support us with their money so we moved on.
I started working on a talk show and in the middle of production, I was victim to a horrible home invasion. I was left to die by the robbers. It took me years to recover and I still stutter sometimes. They took a lot from me, but one thing they didn’t get is my faith and trust in humanity. So SYBOLLNATION is near and dear to my heart. I am not perfect and haven’t had a perfect life, but I am the best me I can be.
If in  my own humility I can save one kid from being bullied, save one kid from a victim of violence, and we can save one kid from choosing a path of drugs then this is all worth it. Every package we sent out has had a free t-shirt, free buttons, and a letter with my own personal phone number. A few parents called me and after a few minutes they asked for a Sybollnation t shirt.
We have tried hard to teach a message of goodness in all our videos. We’ve realized that our viewers are young so we keep our videos as clean as possible and try to insert a positive message into each of them. Parents, I wouldn’t put anything in these videos that I wouldn’t want my own child seeing.
We have several generations in Sybollnation from a girl giving birth on an operation table to senior citizens in a nursing home. Thousands of photos have been posted to my Facebook page in support of our anti-bullying movement.
Sybollnation is a safe place to have fun and learn. This is not just for young people, but for everyone. To help bring people together and to stop the violence and encourage a positive way of life. I promise I will make you proud.
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