Help Stop Bullying: B-An UPstander!

For back-to-school, BYOU Magazine is encouraging everyone to help end bullying by becoming an UPstander.  No longer is it okay to just stand aside and watch bullying happen (or join in and laugh with the bully) – bystanders need to become UPstanders.  Check out the list below on ideas on how YOU can become an UPstander this school year!

Also check out one of the amazing UPstanders we’ve featured in our Aug/Sept issue! Her name is Charleigh Gere, a 13-year-old from Vermont.  When Charleigh experienced bullying in 6th grade, her friends stood by her and encouraged her through it.  This inspired her to create an anti-bullying song, STAND, with a powerful message: “All it takes is one voice, unafraid, to say…I will stand beside you.”  Her video has gone global, uniting kids and adults across 17 states and 6 countries to participate!  You MUST watch this powerful video:

Follow Charleigh’s movement by putting YOUR pin on the map, acknowledging you will stand for others against bullying, at

  • Don’t participate in “bully” games like gossip, rumors, or being an audience
  • Support and empower the victim with kind words and encouragement
  • Include girls who may be excluded by others
  • Have courage to stand up to a bully and/or defend the target
  • Report bullying to an adult or authority person
  • Don’t feel you need power or popularity to define your self-worth
  • Show positive role model behavior by being respectful, friendly, compassionate, and non-judging of others
  • Use your strength and leadership for positive action
Get more tips to handle bullying in the August/September issue of BYOU Magazine – on newsstands now!  Our October/November issue is also dedicated to bullying, so be sure to order your annual subscription today for only $17.97!  You don’t want to miss it! CLICK HERE TO ORDER


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