Hey Party Rockers, thanks for coming back to my Animal Tween Scene page, it’s me Mia Paige bringing you the facts about animals from around the world. Today that special animal is a Giraffe. Did you know that giraffes are the tallest mammals on earth? It’s because of their long necks and legs.  They can run really fast too, about 35miles an hour. That’s really fast!  I wish I could run that fast!! Something else I learned about Giraffes is they only need a drink of water once every few days! That’s because most of their water comes from the plants they eat, and I thought a camel could not drink for a long time!  One more fun fact-a giraffe’s tongue is black and it is so long that it can clean its own ear.  WOW!!!

Well that’s it for today. Leave a comment below and tell me what animal you want to learn about and maybe you’ll see it be featured on Animal Tween Scene!! Till next time-BYE!!!!


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