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What do you get when you combine a tween dance party with positive, empowering messages and community service?

You get a one-of-a-kind dance show called PARTY ROCKERS TWEEN SCENE!

Party Rockers Tween Scene Dance Show is the vision of Kerri Gallagher Salamone a former dancer of a teen dance show in Philadelphia in the 1980’S called Dancin’ On Air. Drawing from all of her amazing experiences from back then Kerri wanted to give the children of today a similar experience. Being a mother of a tween girl she wanted to make a show to reach a younger demographic; kids 7-13 years old and give them positive, empowering messages while building self-esteem and inspiring them to believe they can make a positive change in the world, while having the time of their lives. Kerri took her vision and made it a reality! She is now CEO/PRESIDENT of Salamone Productions and Executive Producer of Party Rockers Tween Scene!

The show highlights positive role models making a difference, and asks each child to take a pledge against bullying and violence. Each child commits to perform service to the world and the people in it. One of the best ways the kids are making a difference is through Party Rockers Providing for Peers, where kids help kids in numerous charity events and community service. Though compassion, creativity, music, and dance they find fun and unique ways to give back. The show lets their creativity and imagination connect kids to their community while developing lifelong values. Party Rockers Tween Scene takes a strong stand against any form of bullying including standing by and watching someone getting bullied. It is never alright to be a bully bystander. We pledge to support the movement against bullying and act as a source of support and the willingness to help the victims of bullying. We encourage everyone to join us on the movement against bullying.

We also take a strong stand on the cruelty of marine mammals in captivity and do not support such places as Sea World and Marine Parks. These are some of the most intelligent creatures on Earth and their captivity is a huge problem. These magnificent creatures do not belong in captivity and we encourage everyone to take a step to stop the mistreatment of such amazing beings!

Party Rockers Tween Scene Season 3 had a casting call across the US for kids to be part of our New Satellite Cast. We now have Satellite PR Reporters in other cities conducting interviews to find out other kid’s opinions and things they find interesting to do where they live. Plus Satellite Dancers who dance along with us right in their living room which we then air on our show, web site and all of our social media sites. How are we able to do we do this? Well through FirstRun.TV an Online Television Network which makes it possible for anyone around the world to watch Party Rockers Tween Scene Dance Show via Internet network. Also new to season 3 is our Special Features which includes blogs, videos, interviews, top lists, skits, updates, tips and pictures from our Party Rockers Cast.

Party Rockers Tween Scene is based out of Philadelphia and filmed at an amazing establishment called Chickie’s and Pete’s Play 2. We couldn’t ask for a better set and are proud to be partnered with Pete Ciarrocchi owner of Chickie’s and Pete’s. He only backs projects that he believes in! So if you are in the Philadelphia area when we are filming we would love to have you come join us as a guest dancer. You in no way have to be an amazing dancer, we of course do have amazing dancers but we also have children who are afflicted with autism or anxiety disorders who just come alive in front of the camera! Most importantly you just have to be you!


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